The Round Table International the world’s third largest support organizations with more than 32,000 members in 52 countries. The organization was created by Louis Marchesi in Norwich, England, in 1927.

Currently officiate three tables (clubs) in Hungary, two of them are in Budapest and one is in Eger.  The body may be composed of men between the ages of 18-45, but it is in the process the foundation of the Ladies’ Circle organization.

The association has members from diverse activities, clothing and food donations from distribution, purchasing of medical equipment at the playground renovation of helping all kinds of activities assume a role. However, there are also micro-economic projects, in which are tailor-made tools, distributed articles, delivered in a disadvantaged families.

In addition to helping those in need is an important and pleasant task, build and cultivate relations with other countries tablers. To this end, we regularly participate in international events and every year we organize ourselves like that.

We hope that our organization has attracted attention. Please refer to our website other pages and visit our Facebook profile also (

István Tamás
National President
Round Table Hungary